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Business Environments provides a number of services for your concrete flooring. Using state of the art equipment, highly qualified and certified technicians, and maintaining a comprehensive safety program means our customers are provided with the best concrete flooring installation repair and maintenance programs available.

Where is concrete flooring appropriate?

Applications for Densified, Stained/Dye and Polished Concrete:

Warehouses, Commercial Parking Garages, Churches

Auto Service Areas, Distribution Centers, Restaurants

High End Showroom Floors


Retail Sales Floors, Back Storage & Electrical Rooms

Residential Garages & Basement, Schools

Health Care Facilities, Sport & Recreational Facilities

Office & Commercial Space, Government Facilities

Grocery Stores

We’ll Fix Your Concrete Leveling Problem

We know that leveling hiccups can pop up unexpectedly which is why we have a full staff ready for immediate availability.

Call us we’ll give you a free estimate and can begin the leveling process to get your project back on schedule.

Our leveling process allows foot traffic in just 3 hours and accepts moisture sensitive floor covering in 24-36 hours. The rapid early strength our product offers helps speed up the curing process.

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