MultiFamily Flooring

Operating under the FloorExpo umbrella, MultiFamily Solutions is a national network of the finest multi-family flooring contractors in America. By bring together the best flooring contractors in the nation, MultiFamily Solutions can offer their customers unparalleled service. National property management companies are able to negotiate programs with one organization on a national basis instead of three or four vendors in each of the key national markets.

MultiFamily Solutions members, like Business Environments, have relationships with all facets of the multifamily housing industry: owners, managers, developers, leasing consultants, maintenance technicians and suppliers.The quality of the foundation of this membership is unequaled; they are strong, of high integrity, and their clients get exactly what they pay for.

MultiFamily Solutions clients benefit from consistent service, product, and powerful technology systems designed to increase service capabilities, eliminate redundancies, and effectively reduce costs.


The time saving alone for clients in the purchasing and product selection process is substantial, both on the corporate and the property management levels.